Thanks again for gifting us this book! I have been a bit busy the last week or two, so I just finished reading it today. It was an awesome read and very enjoyable.

My favorite part about the book was how relatable it was. As a Catholic man who was a teenager not long ago, I could very much relate with David and his thoughts about the Catholic religion, what it means to be a Catholic, and all of the things 3he had to deal with over the course of the story. I was genuinely surprised that the author, Stephen G. Kenny, could write such an accurate depiction of middle school life. There is not much that I would change about this book—it was a great read.

As for the challenge question, I think the answer is that all three men, Gabriel, Raf, and Police Chief Mike Trout, are angels in some form. Gabriel and Raf (Raphael) are revered angels in Catholicism, and Mike Trout is a member of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim MLB team. Hopefully this is the correct answer! I noticed that nearly all of the names of the characters were related to the Bible, such as David, Jon, and Cain. Very cool touch.